Handling Sorrow and Grief

Sorrow, how do you carry it?

“Sorrow is like a tombstone hung about my neck, when in reality it is the weight that holds the diver down, while looking for pearls.”

A good reminder that sorrow can produce positive results when used as a learning experience. Also a good reason to continue to have hope, and look for a positive outcome.

Do you tell yourself, with frustration, you have no clue how to help someone, how to meet a need, how to provide some assistance? If we know our own skills and can stay focused on honing and sharing those skills, we can be helpful. We may not see instant results, we may not even have the privilege to know that we were a help, but we can push through our own sorrowful weight towards positivity

So, what skills do you need to hone and share with the folks in your circle of influence? Don’t think you have anything to share? Yes, we all have something. How about a smile to a passerby? How about holding the door open for someone? Have good manners, share them. Don’t think that’s very important? Well, having someone hold the door and smile sometimes has been a highlight to my day, confirming that people are kind.

Negativity can seem overwhelming at times. Media, friends drama, family dysfunction, personal problems, economics, all can keep us from functioning at our best. The ability to compartmentalize can be a blessing and a curse. Denial can appear as compartmentalizing, keeping us from seeing and responding to circumstances with a clear mind. It can also help us to continue to be positive in a negative situation.

Spend time with our herd and work through some positive changes. replace the anxiety with a new zeal for living!Digging For Pearls?

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Ranch Retreat Coming Soon

November 30th 2013
Revitalizing Retreat at the Ranch Polly 3-2013

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Newest Bradenton Patch Blog

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When and How We Relax

Amazed is how I feel when I hear such positive statements from the folks that give of their time freely in order to support the activities of Prospect Riding Center.

“Another great day at the Ranch!” is something Pam Hennessey said many, many times in the past two years. Being a volunteer at Prospect Riding Center is the reason for all those great days. Sharing in the benefits of equine therapy is a rewarding experience. When Pam witnesses a student rider gaining confidence and ability it makes her feel proud to be a part of it. Pam tells us, “It is obvious how much the students love being here and how much they look forward to coming back. They develop a connection to the horse by learning how to groom, tack and lead as well as ride. It is easy to see and feel the bond between the horse and rider. As their skills develop and they learn to control the horse I can see their sense of accomplishment and success. We have all worked so hard these past two years to provide an outstanding atmosphere for everyone who comes to the ranch. Susan Tambone is so patient and kind to all the students, encouraging them to challenge themselves and help them build their self esteem. She shares her knowledge and love of horses and she educates her students about the other aspects of the ranch like caring for all the animals that live there. Prospect Riding Center is a place where people can relax, let go of stress and feel the beauty and peace. That is why I always say “I had another great day at the ranch!””

This past week was a challenge for me, I spent many hours in front of our computer. We are steady trying to fulfill the requirements from the Federal Government concerning our 501c3 Application. As I realized how uptight I was, I thought about hearing the positive feedback of how wonderful it is here. What did I do? I pushed away from my desk, went out back to the woods, listened to the new spring birds, watched the butterflies in the lantana and felt the load lift from my shoulders. Wow, it worked! I breathed easier, walked taller and felt refreshed.

So what do you do when you need to push away from somethig causing you to be a bit uptight?

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A Revitalizing Retreat at the Ranch
There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.
-Winston Churchill

Susan Tambone, owner and Director of Prospect Riding Center and Three T’s Ranch, couldn’t agree more. From her individually designed therapeutic riding programs, to horseback riding lessons, children’s birthday parties, overnight campouts, and even the occasional wedding that she hosts at the ranch, Tambone has managed to help people of all ages and ability levels improve the quality of their lives with horses. On Saturday, March 16th she unveiled her latest concept a revitalizing ranch-based retreat. The day-long gathering offered guests an opportunity to relax, reflect, and enjoy a holistic spa experience in an authentic ranch setting.
The afternoon began with a light spa lunch, enjoyed in a casual gathering under the trees. Guests mingled and relaxed on swinging benches and in Adirondack chairs overlooking a pair of mules quietly grazing in the pasture. Susan and her team of skilled volunteers then escorted guests to their individually scheduled retreat sessions. The sessions, which guests rotated through, consisted of yoga-based activities on horseback, massage therapy appointments, an opportunity to design a unique horsehair tassel, a consultation with an herbal consultant and acupuncturist, and a tranquil walk through the latest work in progress, the labyrinth.
As lunch came to a close, the first group was escorted to the training arena where they mounted bareback horses. Equine activities director and yoga instructor Diane Wallin then guided them through a variety of mounted stretching and relaxation techniques. Wallin told the group, “Yoga means union – of body, mind and soul – and in this case a union with the horse as well.” She began by instructing them on breathing techniques, then moved on to posture and modified yoga moves. As the students inhaled and raised their arms above their heads, the horses stood calmly as if anticipating their next move. Finally, students dismounted and continued their stretches, leaning against the horses for balance.
As the first group continued to perfect their yoga moves, others took their turns enjoying a soothing neck massage. Held in a modified stall decorated with floral curtains and colorful artwork, the private massage sessions allowed guests to relax in professional massage chair and enjoy the cooling sensation of herbal oils and lotions while letting the stress of day-to-day life melt away.
Guests then proceeded to the arts and crafts table where they were encouraged to let their creativity flow freely. Authentic horsehair tassels were arranged in individual trays and guests selected their tassel, then added colorful beads and a lobster claw clasp. The result was a one-of-a-kind piece that could be clipped to a belt or hatband, or used as a decorative zipper pull on a jacket, backpack, or purse. Guests were excited to have a memento of their ranch experience that they could take home,
In between equine yoga, relaxing massages, and arts and crafts, guests were encouraged to visit the informational display sponsored by One World Acupuncture and Herbal Pharmacy. Here, owner Brian Brader provided insight into a wide array of wellness products and herbal remedies. Guests were treated to samples, personalized consultations, and recommendations for treatments and supplements.
The day would not have been complete without a visit to the labyrinth. The labyrinth, a winding maze, is actually an ancient symbol that encourages mental focus, release of tension, personal reflection, and spiritual growth. Currently under construction, the labyrinth is the latest addition to the ranch and is sure to be the perfect place to relax. At the entrance, a detailed sign outlines the three phases of development. Phase One is the mining tray that features pond-free aquatic plants and natural pools. Phase Two is a railed deck overlooking the water features. Cut-outs in the decking will allow visitors to view directly below into the water where they might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of fish or even a gold nugget. In keeping with Prospect’s theme, Phase Three involves giving the labyrinth an authentic old western feel with a decorative wooden façade. Covered seating will provide a quiet place for visitors to rest and reflect. According to Tambone, “The labyrinth is really a metaphor for the path we walk through life.”
As the day wound to a close, the guests gathered together for a final hike down Destination Trail, calmer, more relaxed, and definitely revitalized. As they walked, they laughed and listened to one another share their thoughts about the day. Upon reaching the trail’s end, guests were each presented with a paper luminary upon which they wrote a special message or thought. After each person had completed his or her message, the luminaries were lit and released. As the tiny lights floated upward, one guest commented that they looked like flakes of gold in the sky – a perfect ending to a perfect day. It seems like Susan Tambone and Prospect Ranch just keep striking gold.

Submitted by Polly Barnes






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Amazing Partners Can Accomplish Amazing Things.

Prospect Riding Center was host to a new, very young troop of Girl Scouts recently and we not only enjoyed each others company we all learned a lot. The girls were brought out to enjoy a true ranch experience and to learn the basics of animal care so they are able to earn a new badge.

Susan Tambone, the founder of Prospect Riding Center, brought the Scouts into the barn and introduced them to Babe, the paint quarter horse and main therapy horse at the facility. Each Scout had the opportunity to groom and feel her soft coat and were introduced to the wonderful smell of “the horse”. Babe totally trusted them and the Scouts totally trusted her. It was a perfect lesson!

The girls were very excited to see the next horse. Prospect’s draft horse Axle was secured in the cross ties and I swear everyone including Axle had smiles on their faces. The Scouts attention was very intent when they had the opportunity to listen to Axle’s belly sounds with a stethoscope. The girls were taught all about horse care and even mucked a stall!!!

The visit included introducing the girls to the cattle herd of Three T’s Ranch and showing them the steer that will be shown in the upcoming Manatee County Fair by Susan’s daughter Laura, a local high school FFA Member.

We all gathered at “the coop” and collected eggs and learned about care of poultry. With the variety in “the coop” everyone had a favorite and enjoyed holding Princess the ranches most loved hen.

The scouts moved on to the garden area where they harvested young carrots for themselves and to share with the horses.

As we all sat “under the tree” for a lunch break the words synonymous with Girl Scouts came out ….”Girl Scout Cookies”! This is where the amazing part really comes in. The young girls have set a goal for the troop. They are going to sell 640 boxes of cookies! The money the troop gets will pay for each girl’s scout membership fee AND they plan to pay for an adoption at Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota.

It gets better! These amazing young ladies are collecting clothing for the homeless coalition in Manatee County.

Volunteer PRCGirl scouts De Ett541675_10200365631482884_334297963_nGirl Scouts De Ett424134_4523548601630_977233860_nGirl Scouts De Ett541820_4523541601455_1359696363_n

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Holiday Claen Up

Holiday Clean Up

It’s not just taking down and packing away decorations!

What do we do with the leftovers? I’m not referring to food leftovers. What about all the leftover feelings? Mad, sad, glad, scared? Why is it that November through the end of the year can stir up such strong feeling in folks?

Some folks stuff their feelings, compartmentalize and move on. Some folks have mood changes that spill over to other relationships, maybe even show up in the work place.

Personally I started out the beginning of December in a festive mood, the Village of The Arts Holiday Art Walk kicked off our month as our first outing seeing lights and exchanging Holiday wishes. That started the Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday debate. What do you say? Who will be offended? Next was the calendar filling up and how to fit in all the invites? Then there was planning family and business events. Again, will someone be offended, can you be sure to include everyone?

We all seem to show such gratefulness around Thanksgiving and by the end of December our patience can be so worn thin that we don’t seem to be thankful for anything. We can see this so clearly in Holiday shopping, before and after sales.

New Years hits us and we seem to have a peek at our need for clarity in our lives, setting New Years resolutions, usually with the intent to better ourselves. Have you made your own resolution?

I believe there is a season for everything. As we move through another year and seasons come and go, I hope to be in sync with the changes.
Knowing I will be involved with our equine herd and that they have a therapeutic value with the ability to keep my grounded, I look forward to 2013. How about you? What will you do in order to keep in sync with the seasons of your life?
Christmas Parade  Grinch2012 024

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