Axel and Lucy

29 Aug

Axel and Little Lucy, endearingly called ‘Lucy Lou’, although she’s also been called worse under my breath. Lucy isn’t comfortable if you get in her space, her eyes grow bigger as she backs away, taking you all in. She’ll come for treats only if she has some confidence there isn’t a vet truck, farriers truck, or even a halter around. This 22 yr old little mule dances around you keeping that my space only bubble, very consistent in size, not exerting herself at all, just you will seem to be a bit winded! The dance goes on in order to build Lucy’s confidence in people. The length of time this dance goes on varies with her assessment that she will get the treat and nothing else will be expected from her. Her past tells a story, mostly about the ole cowboy ways used to break her…. it worked. Lucy was a driving mule, one of a pair. At times her spirit shows such fear of people. She learned that fear from some one, not in the herd, as evidence of her grazing with Axel now, who was not the nicest newcomer to Lucy, yet she finds security there trusting Babe and Roosevelt, holding her place in the herd. Dogs, chickens, cows, calves, and smaller folks, closer to her 12-13 hand size, seem to be allowed in Lucy’s world. Who does our fear keep out of our lives? Do we sometimes guess if the hand that feeds the treats is safe? Try a Faith Ride Letting the horse carry you through motion and releasing the worlds disquiet. Pursue patience, trust yourself again

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