Prospect Riding Center Service Overview

11 Oct

Prospect Riding Center Service Overview
Achieving optimum practical performance along a continuum for each individual,
Theme lessons are designed to fit, concerns and needs- striving to meet established goals.
Individual lessons for private or group.
Multi lesson sessions for private, or group.

Lessons may include review of any previous equine experience, General Horse Sense, Horse Care and Handling rules with reasons ‘why?’, direct access to horses from start to finish, greeting the horse in a stall, leading, grooming, tacking, mounting, and riding, all directly supervised. Individually tailored lesson plans, addressing varied learning styles and modalities, included with measureable objectives and goals. Goals including but not limited to improving self confidence, social confidence, and improving quality of life. Direct observation of these goals with recorded results will be a means of analyzing program effectiveness. Also using a task analysis approach to learning will be easily documented, to show the rate of skill progression toward independence, physically increase flexibility, walking balance, gross motor coordination are just a few of the target performances. All sequenced activities help enhance long term memory, and natural behavior control impact as a result of positive responses from the equine.

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