Three Outstanding Benefits of good Facebook Engagement

14 Oct


I have absolutely enjoyed having a Facebook page.  Proving true to the Social Media title it’s been given, there seems to be so much community involvement, it has made my own world larger. Being able to pick and choose the pages I want to interact with, carving out my own preferences allows me to feel more closely related to like minded folks with like minded interests. The influx of information from many different sources shows certain trends, I am therefore able to make better decisions as to what trends I want to endorse on our own Prospect Riding Center Facebook business page, with consideration to how the community favor directs. I am more aware of events, happenings, and activities that Prospect Riding Center can be a part of.  We can also plan our own calendar easier without conflicting with other local events.


Being on Facebook as a business has made me more aware of my personal character and the example I desire to show to others I interact with. I think before I respond to pictures and comments. I decide what I am endorsing when I hit the ‘like’ button, and if it is something I would want my business associated with. Having the understanding that the written word can be easily misconstrued, I carefully evaluate any humor used when posting, and avoid sarcasm. Politeness has taken on a new meaning. I like to believe this is a positive thing and can only improve my people skills. I often find myself giving many ‘kudos’ to other organizations when I see them working hard with the children or adult populations that we serve at Prospect Riding Center. Personally, it feels good when we also receive likes and positive feedback from others.


Bringing research together with the intent to educate a particular audience can often present a challenge. With Facebook we can have the research come to us through our chosen ‘likes’, directly to our news feeds. Through our news feeds we can ‘share’ that info with our fans, and also have it available on our ‘wall’ when others search for us. The more interaction we have going on our page the more this registers among the cyber world and gives us more exposure to potential clients and networking opportunities. Name and brand recognition is important, and the Facebook platform is ideally suited for promotion. With a little creativity, and appropriate social skills, Facebook for businesses can be fun, engaging and beneficial! With some IT help I believe it could make Prospect Riding Center grow larger than I can even imagine!



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