Write For Myself or For You?

26 Oct

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. Cyril Conno.  I like quotes, I read this quote earlier this week, and really wondered about blogging. Why do people blog? Why do I?

I know marketing companies believe Blogging is a way to drive folks to your business.

When I write, I’m pouring out my thoughts. I make it my business to be in a lifestyle that i can see change. Writing about making changes in others lives, helps me greatly, especially since there are relationships where i’m not making changes!  I follow many thought provoking Facebook pages, Tweeters, and Linkedin connections. Working with our animals I often make a connection with those experiences and the current information I’ve come across.

Journaling has a been an outlet for me since my teen years. I like to think my blogging is an extension of that.

I hope other people enjoy reading about some of the activities at Prospect Riding Center. Occasionally I get comments through the Patch, and my friends tell me what they think of the blog.

All this to say, I write for myself. I pour my thoughts onto paper. I problem solve on paper. I write myself notes, lists, reminders.

The written word from my own hand is a big part of my life.

The new mules are continuing their training. I had written about their evaluation. We are now taking notes about their training. One great benefit is to look at the progress.

Ace is still more likely to be placed in the program before Duece. This past week Duece stayed in the Lesson Arena for a few days alone. He had extra hay with a surprise under the hay, there were some of the cones and toys we use for Lesson Games. He also ate treats from the mailbox, on top of the big ball,  and on top of the barrels. We can now ride to these items and he will go directly to them. We still need him to trust we can ride to them and stop at the obstacle when it is lined up with his girth, in order for the rider to perform the activity at the obstacles. So, the note taking documents his progression.

How do you measure your progress in a task? Are you able to reflect on progress and find the positive progression, learn from the negative, problem solve with new ideas, and track your results?

Would you be easier on yourself? It helps if you are able to see notes of positive progression and remove a fear of failure. Would you be easier on those around you? One of my life beliefs is to not keep a record of wrongs, this is difficult sometimes. If I rely on feelings instead of facts, I can easily let frustration rise within me. I can lose a teachable moment, hurt someone else’s feelings, or walk away with the wrong mindset.

What kind of record are you keeping? How accurate is that record? Is it based on fact or feeling? If you don’t have an accurate record, you could surely be challenged in your level of tolerance for your own mistakes and especially less tolerance for those around you!

And, how do you feel about the written word?  What is YOUR Favorite Quote? Could you, or would you, want to adopt a quote for a life Mission Statement? Let me know your quote in this Blog’s comment section.

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