Holiday Claen Up

10 Jan

Holiday Clean Up

It’s not just taking down and packing away decorations!

What do we do with the leftovers? I’m not referring to food leftovers. What about all the leftover feelings? Mad, sad, glad, scared? Why is it that November through the end of the year can stir up such strong feeling in folks?

Some folks stuff their feelings, compartmentalize and move on. Some folks have mood changes that spill over to other relationships, maybe even show up in the work place.

Personally I started out the beginning of December in a festive mood, the Village of The Arts Holiday Art Walk kicked off our month as our first outing seeing lights and exchanging Holiday wishes. That started the Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday debate. What do you say? Who will be offended? Next was the calendar filling up and how to fit in all the invites? Then there was planning family and business events. Again, will someone be offended, can you be sure to include everyone?

We all seem to show such gratefulness around Thanksgiving and by the end of December our patience can be so worn thin that we don’t seem to be thankful for anything. We can see this so clearly in Holiday shopping, before and after sales.

New Years hits us and we seem to have a peek at our need for clarity in our lives, setting New Years resolutions, usually with the intent to better ourselves. Have you made your own resolution?

I believe there is a season for everything. As we move through another year and seasons come and go, I hope to be in sync with the changes.
Knowing I will be involved with our equine herd and that they have a therapeutic value with the ability to keep my grounded, I look forward to 2013. How about you? What will you do in order to keep in sync with the seasons of your life?
Christmas Parade  Grinch2012 024

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