Amazing Partners Can Accomplish Amazing Things.

14 Jan

Prospect Riding Center was host to a new, very young troop of Girl Scouts recently and we not only enjoyed each others company we all learned a lot. The girls were brought out to enjoy a true ranch experience and to learn the basics of animal care so they are able to earn a new badge.

Susan Tambone, the founder of Prospect Riding Center, brought the Scouts into the barn and introduced them to Babe, the paint quarter horse and main therapy horse at the facility. Each Scout had the opportunity to groom and feel her soft coat and were introduced to the wonderful smell of “the horse”. Babe totally trusted them and the Scouts totally trusted her. It was a perfect lesson!

The girls were very excited to see the next horse. Prospect’s draft horse Axle was secured in the cross ties and I swear everyone including Axle had smiles on their faces. The Scouts attention was very intent when they had the opportunity to listen to Axle’s belly sounds with a stethoscope. The girls were taught all about horse care and even mucked a stall!!!

The visit included introducing the girls to the cattle herd of Three T’s Ranch and showing them the steer that will be shown in the upcoming Manatee County Fair by Susan’s daughter Laura, a local high school FFA Member.

We all gathered at “the coop” and collected eggs and learned about care of poultry. With the variety in “the coop” everyone had a favorite and enjoyed holding Princess the ranches most loved hen.

The scouts moved on to the garden area where they harvested young carrots for themselves and to share with the horses.

As we all sat “under the tree” for a lunch break the words synonymous with Girl Scouts came out ….”Girl Scout Cookies”! This is where the amazing part really comes in. The young girls have set a goal for the troop. They are going to sell 640 boxes of cookies! The money the troop gets will pay for each girl’s scout membership fee AND they plan to pay for an adoption at Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota.

It gets better! These amazing young ladies are collecting clothing for the homeless coalition in Manatee County.

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