When and How We Relax

08 Apr

Amazed is how I feel when I hear such positive statements from the folks that give of their time freely in order to support the activities of Prospect Riding Center.

“Another great day at the Ranch!” is something Pam Hennessey said many, many times in the past two years. Being a volunteer at Prospect Riding Center is the reason for all those great days. Sharing in the benefits of equine therapy is a rewarding experience. When Pam witnesses a student rider gaining confidence and ability it makes her feel proud to be a part of it. Pam tells us, “It is obvious how much the students love being here and how much they look forward to coming back. They develop a connection to the horse by learning how to groom, tack and lead as well as ride. It is easy to see and feel the bond between the horse and rider. As their skills develop and they learn to control the horse I can see their sense of accomplishment and success. We have all worked so hard these past two years to provide an outstanding atmosphere for everyone who comes to the ranch. Susan Tambone is so patient and kind to all the students, encouraging them to challenge themselves and help them build their self esteem. She shares her knowledge and love of horses and she educates her students about the other aspects of the ranch like caring for all the animals that live there. Prospect Riding Center is a place where people can relax, let go of stress and feel the beauty and peace. That is why I always say “I had another great day at the ranch!””

This past week was a challenge for me, I spent many hours in front of our computer. We are steady trying to fulfill the requirements from the Federal Government concerning our 501c3 Application. As I realized how uptight I was, I thought about hearing the positive feedback of how wonderful it is here. What did I do? I pushed away from my desk, went out back to the woods, listened to the new spring birds, watched the butterflies in the lantana and felt the load lift from my shoulders. Wow, it worked! I breathed easier, walked taller and felt refreshed.

So what do you do when you need to push away from somethig causing you to be a bit uptight?

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