Handling Sorrow and Grief

17 Oct

Sorrow, how do you carry it?

“Sorrow is like a tombstone hung about my neck, when in reality it is the weight that holds the diver down, while looking for pearls.”

A good reminder that sorrow can produce positive results when used as a learning experience. Also a good reason to continue to have hope, and look for a positive outcome.

Do you tell yourself, with frustration, you have no clue how to help someone, how to meet a need, how to provide some assistance? If we know our own skills and can stay focused on honing and sharing those skills, we can be helpful. We may not see instant results, we may not even have the privilege to know that we were a help, but we can push through our own sorrowful weight towards positivity

So, what skills do you need to hone and share with the folks in your circle of influence? Don’t think you have anything to share? Yes, we all have something. How about a smile to a passerby? How about holding the door open for someone? Have good manners, share them. Don’t think that’s very important? Well, having someone hold the door and smile sometimes has been a highlight to my day, confirming that people are kind.

Negativity can seem overwhelming at times. Media, friends drama, family dysfunction, personal problems, economics, all can keep us from functioning at our best. The ability to compartmentalize can be a blessing and a curse. Denial can appear as compartmentalizing, keeping us from seeing and responding to circumstances with a clear mind. It can also help us to continue to be positive in a negative situation.

Spend time with our herd and work through some positive changes. replace the anxiety with a new zeal for living!Digging For Pearls?

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