Client Eligibility

Prospect Riding Center Client Eligibility Guidelines

Prospect Riding Center will make every effort to meet the needs of all clients who apply – whether for therapeutic or recreational riding. However, the nature of these activities includes limitations, precautions and occasionally contraindications.

These are due to a variety of causes, most notably the following:

Size and weight-carrying ability of the available horses

Nature of a disability or condition that would make it unsafe for an individual to ride

Lack of an appropriate group for an individual to join

Inability to schedule riding time to coincide with an individual’s school or work schedule

Lack of an adequate number of volunteer aides for a specific time slot

The safety of student, volunteers, staff and horses are of the utmost importance and each will be taken into consideration when accepting new students.  All students and their parents/guardians/caregivers must be willing to abide by all rules established and posted.  Riders must be able to wear an approved riding helmet, close toed shoes.

Medical Precautions and Contraindications information is available for review from our office or you may call us to discuss.

Physicians Statement

All Prospect Riding Center Clients seeking therapeutic riding must have a signed and dated statement from their doctor, and complete all liability/information forms.


Therapeutic riding clients must be at least 5 years of age.

Weight Limit

Prospect Riding Center reserves the right to impose a weight limit in the event that no horse is available to safely carry a client weighing over 180 pounds. A lower limit may be imposed if illness or injury prevents the use of a suitable horse.  This rule is needed in order to protect the health and soundness of the horses as well as the safety of the rider, volunteers and staff.


Inappropriate, unsafe or disruptive behavior or any condition where the client is harmful to him/herself or others is a contraindication to therapeutic horseback riding.


Each potential therapeutic/recreational client will receive an initial evaluation by a PATH certified instructor. Based on this evaluation and the client’s medical reports, the client will be advised if therapeutic riding is recommended. All students must have signed release of liability/information forms completed.

Under certain conditions a client’s condition may change and a re-evaluation becomes necessary. Based on this re-evaluation, the client may have to cease riding/therapy. A doctor’s written verification is required for the client to resume riding.

Recognizing that horse related activities do hold inherent risks, we need to assess student participation with a “Risk/Benefit” analysis. The essential question for all students is, “Will the benefit of equine activities outweigh the risk”?  If the movement activity will cause a decrease in students function, an increase in pain, or generally aggravate the medical condition, these may not be the activity of choice.


All clients and their families need to understand that Prospect Riding Center may be at any time a teaching facility for instructors in training. As such, no guarantee is made that all lessons will be conducted by a certified instructor. However, ALL mounted activities are under the direct supervision of a certified instructor, who will be present in the ring at all times to observe riding session, mounting and dismounting.


Prospect Riding Center Fees

Fees are $40.00 per private hour lesson. Lessons may be grouped in sessions of 6, the fee will be payable in two installments. Half hour lessons are available, as well as group lessons.  In cases of financial hardship, families are encouraged to discuss the situation with the Prospect Riding Center staff to see what arrangements can be worked out.

Thank you for understanding these guidelines. It is the intent of Prospect Riding Center to provide the safest possible therapeutic/recreational riding lessons for our clients.

Prospect Riding Center offers Therapeutic and Recreational Directed equine activities, for enhanced well being, to those with special needs. Welcoming the extended family, care givers and service providers to participate.

Enhance not only the independence in the life of the participant but extend to those they are attached to, creating memories that continue to nurture beyond the lesson time.

Not only a difference for a day but for a lifetime.


Prospect Riding Center  ~  PO BOX 424 ~  34250 SR 70 East,  Myakka City, FL 34251   ~  941-713-1736



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